10 facts about Rubes

1. I am a 20 year old born and bred Londoner.

2. I am currently studying in Boston. Sometimes I feel like Poppy from Wildchild but in reverse. If you don’t get it, you seriously need to watch Wildchild, multiple times. Image result for poppy from wild child gif

3. There will never be enough funky trousers and reading in my life. 

4. I am a hoarder of beauty products, clothes and especially crap I don’t need but gives me great pleasure. 

5. Following on from the previous point, I enjoy organised mess and this definitely shows in my character and lifestyle. 

6. No one gets hangry like I do - feel free to verify with my boyfriend. 

7. I am terrified of the future, particularly career wise, and death. 

8. I think it is extremely important to document things through photography and video, seeing your own memories and growth is vital.

9. Early to bed and early to rise is my ideal lifestyle but it is certainly not working that way at the moment. 

10. I try not to take things too seriously but I certainly struggle with that. 

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