Happy New Year one and all! I am home in London having spent the first half of winter break at my boyfriend Paul’s house in Connecticut. I’m jet lagged and have a terrible sore throat, but it is fabulous to be home.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about my goals and potential resolutions for 2018. I want to be productive and achieve a lot this year, but I also do not want to put pressure on myself by setting unattainable goals.

I’ve decided to take inspiration from various posts I’ve seen on social media and have decided to have a word for this new year.

This word is going to be quality.

A key thing I’m going to focus on is quality time. I am definitely a multi-tasker and while this can have its strengths I sometimes struggle to find a good balance between the time I am spending getting stuff done and my down time. I want to plan my days meticulously and know when I am going to be productive and tick things off my list and when I am going to relax and look after myself.

Up next, quality outfits. I always start off the semester so well, planning out my outfits and switching out my accessories, but as my schedule and workload builds up I do find myself getting lazy and defaulting to leggings and boring sweaters. Let’s try not to do that in 2018.

Finally, I am extremely motivated to make quality content. I want to be posting here once a week, uploading vlogs and content that I’m proud of on my Instagram. Finding the balance between school work and social media can be difficult, but I am going to make sure I set time aside to maintain my presence on my accounts.

I haven’t written a long list, I’ve tried to be realistic. And if you continue to hear from me that will hopefully be some clear signs of success.

Till next time.

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