Columbia Road Flower Market

When you spend an extended period of time away from home, coming back can be such a treat.

Being at college in Boston for the last two and a half years has made me homesick at times, but overall has made me appreciate London so much more. It is a city I am so comfortable in, and somewhere I know so well. Yet, I am always discovering new things.

Going to Columbia Road flower market had been on my wishlist for so long. But due to location and other commitments, I never made it. This trip home I made a point of forcing myself, my boyfriend and my parents to take the excursion.

It was a bitter Sunday morning, but the energy of the flower market soon made me forget my freezing toes. The range of flowers were absolutely beautiful and the road is lined with unique, pretty stores.

I can get very stuck in my ways but I am trying and push myself to try new things. I am always testing new beauty products and changing my style, but I often stick with my favourite restaurants and places I visit when I come home.

Something as simple as visiting a flower market has caused me to realise I need to push myself, to visit that new museum, to not study the menu before going somewhere - there will be something you like. Just be bold.

Visiting these London gems makes me realise how lucky I am to have grown up in a place like this. And although I am spending a lot of time away from it now, I know that the next trip home cannot be too far away.

I wore my favourite vintage Nicole Farhi coat. My classic Burberry scarf over a new Bash Paris dress, and of course I threw my Celine on top of it all with a necessary grey beret to protect my ears from freezing.  

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