from full coverage to glossier

I spent the summer of 2017 in New York. I was interning two days a week which left a fair amount of time on my hands. I did far too much relaxing, including a lot of binge watching and the occasional trip to the gym - to compensate for my over eating, but above all, I really got into skincare.

My love for skincare is now a bond for life, and I shiver at the thought of the numerous times I slept in my makeup throughout my teenage years.

As my skin begins to improve and I now feel somewhat in control of the oily mindfield, I have been experimenting with less coverage in my makeup routine.

Enter Glossier.

The product that really transformed my make up routine was the Glossier perfecting skin tint. I feel comfortable and relaxed without a full coverage foundation; a feeling that six months ago was absolutely alien. 

I still always begin with a mattifying primer, my favourite one currently bwing the one photographed above from Becca. 

Glossier's skin tint gives the perfect amount of coverage for someone who is happy with their skin. It is very minimal, but just lightly and naturally smooths everything out. 

Enter my second favourite Glossier product; boy brow. The ever so popular boy brow. 

For a long time all I used on my brows was a gel, so when I first discovered this I fell in love. And while more recently I have been experimenting, and loving, the Benefit goof proof pencil I still need a gel to tame my unruly hairs. 

In the attempts to simplify my surroundings, and declutter all of my crap, I am really focusing on packaging that gives me joy. The Glossier boy brow simple packaging most definitely gives me joy. 

And ANOTHER product. 

Cloud paint. 

Just wow. 

I do not like cream products, but the cloud paints are unlike any cream products I have ever tried. The consistency is so unique and blends so beautifully. This colour 'puff' is the perfect rosy colour for me, but I have been using the colour 'beam' as a bronzer recently and have been loving how it looks. 

While this is a post predominantly about Glossier, need I continue to express my adoration for the brand? All I will say about the wowder (this powder above) is that is most definitely lives up to the name. 

An oily girl knows what makes a good powder, and this is good stuff!

My current favourite mascara is the Loreal lash paradise, absolutely stunning and I am not just saying that for the packaging. 

This Colourpop lippie pencil is an everyday necessity for me. This brand continues to impress me the more and more I try from them, I do not understand how everything they produce is so affordable!


To conclude.

Balm dot com.

A desert island product for me. If you're purchasing for the first time, definitely go for the trio - it's cost effective, and I can assure you that you will not regret having three on the go. One next to the bed. One with the make up. One in the bag. 

I cannot wait to see what is in store for Glossier and my beauty routine. 

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