winter hat necessities

My hair kinks extremely easily. I can't put my hair in a pony tail for two minutes without adding unwanted volume. It’s extremely frustrating but something I am learning to deal with.

These kinks have always made me deter from hats, once they’re on they are on for the day.

My mother has always been a great hat wearer and as I have begun to experiment with my style over the past year I have incorporated more hats into my rotation.

Due to the kink situation, I cannot just like a hat, I have to love it. Because as I said before, once it is on that is it until I get home and can throw my hair into a bun after swiftly whipping off the hat.

Two necessities for this winter are the ever so trendy, baker boy/fisherman (not sure of their official title) hats and berets. My two favourites right now are in black, however other colours are definitely on the wishlist.

Here I styled my peaked hat with an Urban Outfitters skirt and Topshop patchwork knit. I like the look of this hat with skirts and dresses, it gives a youthful and fun vibe. I am wearing my thick Uniqlo leggings as tights because it was absolutely freezing; these are the compromises winter forces you to make. 

In the same leggings, I styled my beret far more casually with my favourite H&M mint jumper and my Woolrich parker. This outfit is a key example that throwing on a bunch of accessories can really transform the look. Adding my Celine, beret and Balenciaga boots really made this average leggings and jumper look into something. 

With the cold weather, and this is only the start, in Boston, it’s crucial to have a hat. Also fabulous if you’d rather an extra 15 minutes in bed instead of washing your hair.

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