fave look: jan

I’m trying to blog as much as possible. In order to keep up with my content I tried to come up with ideas that I could do monthly and were pretty low maintenance.

It is now mid February and I haven’t posted anything about January. But here is my favourite look from the first month of the year.

Bare with me, my school work and other commitments have me drowning slightly but I’m trying to make time to express my moods.

This outfit is from way back at the beginning of January and I adore it. It defines my style, being a combo of highstreet, high end, comical, vintage and has potential but maybe needs a hair wash.

The better half of last semester was dedicated to Sex and the City. The Instagram account @everyoutfitonsexandthecity is now one of my favourite accounts, so of course when it came to black friday some of their march had to go in my basket. This “we should all be mirandas” tee is absolutely iconic and the quality is fabulous. I wear it all the time and would definitely purchase more from their online store.

The striped shirt you can see peeking through my, now off trend, silver jacket was a vintage gift from my boyfriend that I love. The jacket, I will continue to wear without a care. It catches peoples eyes, because deep down we are all attracted to shiny things and are secretly magpies, and above all it’s very warm.

These jeans are my absolute favourite Topshop jamie jeans and on the feet are my Balenciaga boots, my most treasured shoes. My Celine tops it off, and ugh looking at these images makes me miss home deeply.

London I love you, Cynthia Nixon you are my Queen.

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