winter uniform

Cold weather, to me, is the best kind of weather. It’s the time of year with the best fashion, the best comfort food and a great excuse to visit that museum you’ve been saying you would for months.

It can be easy to get in, what I like to call, the “parka rut” throughout the colder months, where all you do is throw on some leggings, a sweater and your boring black parka. A key way to stop this from happening is to establish a winter uniform, a parka alternative if you will.

My winter uniform this year includes my favourite vintage coat, a high end scarf and a trendy hat.

This coat is one of the most loved pieces in my wardrobe. It is a vintage Nicole Farhi number that I found at a random market for an extremely reasonable price. These sheepskin style coats have been on trend for the past few winters and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon.

I adore the colour and fit of this coat and feel like I can style it in so many ways.

This Burberry scarf is a very special item in my wardrobe. It reminds me of home even though it was purchased in Boston on one of my first weekends in college.

It is the only scarf I wear, other than my Zara blanket scarf that is only for emergencies when my bed must be replicated in the outside world, and I love styling it. A chic scarf is an item that can pull a whole outfit together.

A hat is another item that can completely transform the look. This baker boy hat is from Anthropologie but similar can be found everywhere on the high street. I love these hats and I am considering purchasing another colour. I saw a mustard one in Urban Outfitters that I may have to purchase.

These hats are a great trend piece, trend being the key word because I’m not sure about how long these are going to stick around for.

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