Sephora SALE Recommendations - for oily skin and Wishlist (Beauty Insider Appreciation Event)

Sephora is having a sale!!!!!!! This rarety is to celebrate their new rewards system and give their beauty insiders a little treat.

I thought I'd lend a hand to anyone who may be conflicted on what to collect during this sale, specifically those with oily skin like me. This is essentially a whole new skincare routine from cleanser, to toner to moisturiser.

This cleanser could be my holy grail. Which is a very bold claim. It removes makeup, including mascara and doesn't hurt my eyes at all. It gently exfoliates meaning it is a very thorough cleanse which is great for oily skin but it is not harsh at all. 

Toner is something I've never been strict with. I usually use an acid at night and didn't tone in the morning. I bought this pretty randomly and have been using it every morning after cleansing and I love it. It really balances my skin and preps it for the rest of my routine.

I've repurchased this serum many times. It's the most effective vitamin c serum I've ever used. I instantly feel that my skin is plumper and more even. Every skin tyle should use vit c. 

On really hot days I have used this product as a moisturiser. It's hydrating but light and also buildable due to it being a stick. I also really enjoy this for moisturising my neck because of the stick formula. It absorbs very quickly and is not greasy. 

Potentially my favourite eye cream ever. It's really hydrating and brightening. The consistency is thin but very buildable. I love the whole Origins GinZing line and I think Origins is a great brand for everyone but especially for beginners. The product descriptions are so thorough and they have so many different lines to treat specific concerns. My first skincare products were from their oil-free line, the one with blue packaging. 

I love a gel moisturiser. Especially in the summer. I love the smell of this one and it layers so well with all my other products, especially my spf. It's really hydrating but very light and I just really enjoy applying it. I'm currently using the Origins matte moisturiser which I do love, and I think they are fairly comparable products, but the GinZing one wins for me. 

This moisturiser is something I think I'll repurchase when it starts to get colder. It's a cream consistency so it's a little thicker than the GinZing gel moisturiser, but it is still light and isn't greasy. It's also a nice product if you want something a little heavier for when you go to bed.

Due to having oily skin I have always avoided facial oils. But I saw a duo on Sephora of the Herbivore Lapis Oil and the Blue Tansy mask minis and I bought it - mainly because I wanted to try the mask. I am so glad I bought the duo because this oil is amazing. I don't use it too often, maybe once a week. But it really clears and balances my skin. It's helped with my texture and little breakouts. I do wake up feeling oily but once I wash my face I think my skin looks amazing and clear. It's definitely opened my eyes to the world of facial oils.

I wear spf every day of the year. It's crucial. But it can be a product that is a little greasy. This Coola one really is matte and has not caused any issues for me. It protects my skin and layers so well with my moisturiser and primer. 

This mask is amazing. If you have textured skin you need to try it. It's a very interesting thin gel consistency and it takes off all your dead skin leaving behind amazingly smooth skin. Both the Lapis Oil and this mask are rather pricey, if you want to try both of them I'd definitely recommend buying the duo I bought. 

This mask is a classic clay mask that does the job. Something everyone needs in their collection, but especially those with oily skin. 

I have been skincare obsessed this summer and these products have really helped to keep my skin clear and balanced. So apologies for the absence of makeup, if you want to read about some of my make up favourites from the summer you can do that by clicking the pink text you are currently reading. 

In case you're curious here's my wishlist for the sale. It's a little random and I won't be purchasing it all but these are the things I've got in my cart right now. 

See you in the next post!

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