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Coming up to six months later and we're back... 

I thought this summer would be a time for yoga and blogging, relaxing and a lot of me time. But things didn’t really end up going that way. It’s been a hectic summer with three internships and the yoga classes becoming less and less frequent by the week.

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over. I’m getting ready to move into my second apartment. Mentally preparing for my senior year and making the most of my last few months in Boston before heading to LA in the spring. After LA it’s g r a d u a t i o n, which is absolutely terrifying.  I’m a child!!!!!! But I’m also excited to get to Manhattan post grad (at least that's the plan for now).

There have been some career direction realisations this summer which is very exciting, and a lot of beauty discoveries. Let’s delve into those beauty discoveries and talk about the favourites of the summer as seen on my face here -

I am an oily girl. No matter what I do my nose is always got a little shine to it. I’m always looking for products to combat the sheen, but also trying to embrace the grease. Both my SPF and moisturiser have matte finishes which definitely helps my skin throughout the day.

The origins matte moisturiser dries matte but definitely hydrates too. The coola SPF layers really nicely with my moisturiser, as well as the make up that follows it. I do try and keep my face out the sun but I walk home almost everyday and have not been burnt at all. I use these two together every monring.

I finished my glossier super pure serum and I will definitely be repurchasing. It really helps the redness on my cheeks and overall keeps my skin clear and soft. And you can't beat that cute packaging.

This milk makeup watermelon serum is a must for all skin types. I love how easy the stick formula is - with use, cleanliness and travel. I also love the colour. It’s so great for hydration and glow. It’s also lovely and cooling. On duvet days in my boiling apartment I would pile it on throughout the day and it feels great. I’ve tried quite a few milk products this summer and I love the brand.

Make up this summer has been quick and fresh. It’s been a lot of early morning and long days, so the face needs to last. Glossier skin tint has been my go to base product for the past year and that continued into the summer. A light base is necessary with oily skin and long day because if some of it sweats off it’s not going to look like a hole in your full coverage. The skintint is hydrating which isn’t something my skin always needs. So when I saw that nudestix came out with the tinted blur sitck I grabbed it. It’s matte, lightweight and I loooove it. It’s like a stick tinted moisturiser and makes me want to try other nudestix products.

Glossier cloud paints are the BEST cream blushes. I’m positive there is no better. I recently purchased two new colours, and am obsessed with the peachy flush they both provide. For a quick look I dab this on the sheets and eyes, bit of bronzer, brows, mascara and done.

My two favourite highlights of the summer have been from glossier and colourpop. Glossier haloscope for a minimal day and colourpop supershock cheek on a day where I want a little more. This colourpop formula melts into the skin unlike other powder highlights.

I never go to sleep without lip balm on. Some of my favourite include - glossier balm dot com, Mario Badescu lip balm and the Laneige lip mask. But even though these lips are getting hydration all night long they’re always dry throughout the day. Therefore I need products that hydrate and are easy to reapply throughout the day.

This YSL rouge volupté shine is probably my favourite of the summer. It’s so moisturising, gives the perfect amount of colour, fades away beautifully and reapplies so well. I would definitely get more colours.

I’ve rekindled with my Glossier generation g. It’s falling out of its packaging, but I love the colour. My lips but better. Easy. (There is a lot of glossier in this post, not sorry.)

Undisputedly the gloss of the year, Fenty beauty’s gloss bomb. I don’t love gloss but this one isn’t sticky, it's so shiny and universally flattering. I've also been really enjoying this Marc Jacobs gloss stick, and pairing this peachy shade with my Glossier peachy blushes gives me the monochrome aesthetic that I adore.

I could go on and on, I’ve written 868 words and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I really enjoyed writing this post, I don’t know why I procrastinate writing so much but let’s try and remember this feeling and continue to make content.

I’ve been posting my skincare routine, and occasional make up routine, on my instagram almost everyday so follow me over there for more ground breaking content.

Till next time, when that eventually rolls around…


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