purple and green

Back in February, I posted about my favourite look of January, and since then a similar post has not appeared. But that is about to change! Hopefully... I post my outfits on my instagram a lot and story about style related things but in order to keep my style content up on the blog I'm going to attempt to post an outfit a month - at least. 

I love the colour combination of purple and green. Daphne from Scooby Doo was always my favourite, of course. This look is a little homage to Daphne as well as a little pat on the back for myself on my weight loss this summer. It is not major at all, but I'm feeling so much better about myself. It's not about the number on the scales it's simply about how you feel. Being outside more and getting some natural vitamin d has improved how I feel about my body so much. 

During the semester it is really hard to get outside time. So this summer I made it a point to walk home almost every day. It's better than being on the subway during rush hour anyway. I've definitely been getting my steps in and have made slight changes that have lead to eating better too. I really hope I can keep this up during the semester and prioritise how I'm feeling over stressful late nights - although that won't always be the reality. 

This look is quintessentially me. A comfy dress, an over the top accessory, and sneakers. All clashing, yet also coordinating. 

This dress isn't a style that I would usually opt for but 

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