notes from a girl on her period (who graduated college!!!)

Instead of picking up my journal today I decided to try something a little bit more public.

Let’s use this post as a little come back to the blog and a promise to w r i t e. I just graduated college two weeks ago and life is pretty pretty good. I am still on a high from my best semester of college, a whole experience that deserves it’s own post, and I’m feeling adulty and just ready to embrace the real world. Wow, that’s a phrase I’m sure I’m going to regret writing in about six months or less.

However, life is somewhat in limbo right now. I am an international student in the US and along with the years I’m granted to study I’m also given a year to flounce around and attempt to get a job. This is in the hopes that a company will employ me and then want to do extra paperwork to help me get another visa to stay in this country for longer. I hope that makes sense… But the reason I’m in limbo is that to legally start earning money I need to receive a piece of paper from the government, and that can take three months. So any day now but it is still a waiting game at this point.

Another reason I am in void like space is that I am looking for an apartment in New York City. I’m lucky enough to have a family friend to stay with until this happens so I am in no rush, but I feel like until I move into the city the post grad life hasn’t really started yet.

Now we’ve got that bit of admin out the way we can talk about feelings.

I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I really know what to do when I’m not feeling great. I know what works for me in order to feel my best, and I also understand that there are times when things are out of my control and it’s ok to accept defeat.

Lizzo has really changed my life and my journey of body acceptance. I am happier than ever in my own skin. I am proud to be a woman on her period dancing around in her underwear mouthing along to Soulmate and Juice. It sounds lame, but actually no it doesn’t!!!! Please listen to Lizzo on spotify if you have yet to feel her power!

Really waiting for a feature on Lizzo on Man Repeller and for Haley to write some beautiful words about her and for Harling to style her so uniquely. I’m sure it’s in the works, I trust those women. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, to which I am sad for you but also very happy that you are being introduced to one of the greatest online publications, here is a feature they just did on Carly Rae Jepsen -

I worked out twice this week with a new personal trainer. Which means there has not been a day this week where my body has not been extremely sore. The second session I was deep into my period and it felt really good to move my body despite some literal heavy bleeding.

I guess it really is true that moving the body can make you feel better both physically and mentally …

I’m trying to make this period related because that’s what it started off as but I just feel that it’s become a bit of a rambling. Maybe I’ll attempt to challenge myself to a weekly update, and this can be the first one? I never hold myself accountable but I’m an adult now right? Too many rhetoricals. Let’s just try and write as much as possible, because that is what you want to do as a career is it not? Well that’s a very loaded question … Ok let me stop talking to myself in a weird tense and wrap this up.

Maybe I’ll now go on to write about my incredible last semester that I really hyped up at the start of this piece.

Anyway, if you’re reading this just know that you are important.

In case you needed proof.

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